HJ SIP Valves

Swirl Injection Principle

Advanced lubrication valves reduce lube oil consumption and extends the life time of cylinder liner and piston rings.

HJ SIP is high-pressure injection valves that inject the cylinder lube oil into the scavenge air swirl in every piston stroke.

The oil is perfectly dispersed as a fine mist on the upper part of the liner ensuring a thin, uniform oil film on the upper liner wall.

An upgrade consists of two parts:
1. Increasing injection frequency
2. Installation of HJ SIP valves (replacing existing non-return valves)


  • Up to 50% reduction of lube oil consumption
  • Reduced wear of liners and rings
  • Reduced emission of particle matter and CO2
  • Efficient acid neutralization
  • Extended TBO
  • Prepared for dual-fuel
  • Easy operation for crew

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